Happiness Catcher - Strenght
Happiness Catcher - Strenght
Happiness Catcher - Strenght

Happiness Catcher - Strenght

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The strong forces of Nature assist you on finding your power within. The protection of smoky quarz and moonstones help with the process while the pearl surfaces reflect what needs to be put into deeper consideration. Labrsdorite energies allow your wise wizard arise in to the power, your full potential.

This remarkable piece is designed in deep connection with the Universe, made of carefully selected natural materials (bought organic, found in nature & flea market).
It is blessed in sacred ceremony & made to benefit Your wellbeing.
The unique handcrafted piece of Art is ready to connec with You.


- woven beach vine ring
- organic hemp thread
- wood beads
- fallen branch found from the woods at my grandmother's place
- Moon stone chips
- Pearl chips
- Smoky quarz
- Labradorite crystal pearls
- feathers dropped behind by "Hermanni" the pet turkey

Measurements approx 50x80cm

Please contact info@ohx40.com for inquiries.

Happiness Catcher - Strenght