Choosing Life

Choosing Life

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Choosing the richness of diversity, choosing Life. Allowing the natural rebuilding happen, life take its form. Natural cycles of constant change while dancing the rhythm of balance in the Universe.
Chaos, storm, stillness - all of the energies in ONE.
Being & understanding.
Empowered in the movement of the forces of nature.

This remarkable piece is designed in deep connection with the Universe, made of carefully selected natural materials (bought organic, found in nature or my mother's storage).
It is blessed in sacred ceremony & made to benefit Your wellbeing.
The unique handcrafted piece of Art is ready to connec with You.


- Common Reed from the beaches of Helsinki
- Birch, cut in the natural process of forestry, Grandma’s summer cottage, Southern Finland

- Raw linen thread - leftovers from my mom’s crafts
- Hemp - organically grown, USA
- Beach vine ring, crafted with the blessing of Mother Earth on Sushine Coast, Australia
- feathers dropped behind by a bloke called "Romeo" (pet peacock)
- Crystals:
* Amethyst
* Rain Flower Jade
* Moss Agate
* Bamboo Leaf Agate
* Agate plate

Measurements approx 150x195cm

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